Installing a new air conditioning/heating system is an investment and we understand that deciding on the ideal one for your home or business can be complicated. It is essential to find a unit that is the right size to offer you the best efficiency, comfort, lowest maintenance and operating costs. Before we get started on installing a unit, we'll take the time to talk to you about your needs and perform a proper evaluation to determine what system makes the most sense for your specific needs.  We provide you with top of the line products from leading manufacturers such as American Standard, Goodman, and Ruud. 

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Why do you need a comprehensive in-person estimate?

Before tightly-constructed, energy-efficient homes, it was common to install air conditioning systems and furnaces that provided a lot more than the required capacity in order to compensate for our home’s inefficiencies. However, many people with older homes have since upgraded to windows and building materials to make their homes much more efficient. Unfortunately, what most homeowners do not realize is that simply swapping out their old air conditioning system for a new one the same size may not be the best solution. Over the last decade, due to federal efficiency and environmental mandates,  many newer air conditioning and heating systems do not have the same BTU capacity ratings at our ambient temperatures as systems did just 10 years ago. All of this just adds to the complex technical puzzle of system replacements. So, simply going by the specifications from the old air conditioning unit may result in an over-sized or even an undersized unit. Ultimately, an incorrectly sized system will run inefficiently and cost homeowners thousands of extra dollars, staring with the purchase price and all to the way to the utility bill due to the to poor system performance.

To solve this complex technical puzzle, the experts at Falcon Air Conditioning offer free, no obligation air conditioning replacement estimates. We’re sure you’ll find our no pressure, comprehensive evaluation a standout among our peers!

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